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Why We Started an SHTF Blog

My wife and I have always been the couple that could have the truck fully loaded in under 30 minutes for a 4-day camping trip. Everything we need is in one spot and easy to get to.

We’re ordinary white-collar people who live at the edge of a southwestern city with a population of over 1,000,000. I’ve always been good with my hands. I can build cars or custom cabinets. My wife is a classic Tomboy who can set up and manage a campsite for 20 people and you’d absolutely want her there if someone was injured.

Over the years we slowly accumulated things like manual hand tools, a little added dried food, and spare items you might need to endure an extended power outage.

In recent years we’ve become concerned with the general direction of society and international relations. We’ve noticed that resources have been more difficult to acquire from time to time, cities have become more unsafe to live in, and our Nation’s infrastructure has become increasingly unreliable.

Because of these trends, we began stockpiling preps with greater focus. Though admittedly, we didn’t initially consider ourselves to be “SHTF Preppers”. We have come to realize we are part of this community.

As we have become more prepared (we still have a ways to go), our family and friends have begun to ask us questions like: how long can I store water? What are some easy-to-make backup heat sources? And what foods should I keep on hand? 

These events lead us to start the SHTF Prepper and we invite you to continue to visit the SHTF Blog as we implement more and more preps and post helpful information for the community.

In our journey, we’ve learned that emergency preparedness isn’t an overnight success story sort of thing, flexibility is key, and everyone begins from their own unique place in life.

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